The Sims 3 PS3 User Review

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Lowly Worm

PlayStation 3


Sims 3, as many players would know, has only been available as a PC version, but now it has at last reached the consoles. Sims 1 and Sims 2 came much earlier, but neither made any impression on the market. So what do we expect on this third simulation on the PS3 console?

The plot is the same. You will make or customize your own Sim family and control what happens in their everyday lives. You can customize almost everything – from the environment, the house, the colors, the physical appearance, the characteristics, the voices, and much more. You also have the duty to take care of all of their personal, social, emotional, and bodily needs according to what pops on the screen. Each Sim can also have his/her own careers, just like in real life. This game is definitely addictive to the point that you will compromise your own personal life to monitor your Sims household.

Animations and sound effects are actually impressive and delightful, and zooming delivers very clear and exact images. You will really have fun watching every single Sim in your household doing their own thing in this digital world. Challenges also different in each of the Sims you’re taking care of.

Overall, this version managed to put it all on the console, though they have not perfected the formula yet. You will encounter frequent and slow loading screens and struggle with often lagging of screen. Another problem also is the fact that it has limited variety of gameplay to offer. Once you get used to the environment and explore every option for your Sims family, you will somehow get tired of doing the same thing over and over again, and going on the same places most of the time. But don’t worry these things can be fixed with some downloadable updates that EA releases, like in the PC version. Though these updates are still limited, it does serve its purpose to add something that you can use to enjoy more, like finding more establishments that you can go to to pamper your Sims and let them live a luxury life.

Challenges completed warrant points that you can use to buy items to pimp up your household, do some shopping, or buy Karma points. There are 13 different powers that you can unlock. These, however, cannot be used too much, as it will result in a punishment or a tragedy for you.

The Sims 3 definitely is an upgrade from the previous versions available for this console. It definitely fixed lots of earlier problems, and was very well adapted to be used on this console. You should appreciate the new Karma function, and should be wary of controlling how the game goes. It also offers the online exchange, where you can upload your characters and compare them with everyone else playing. The PC version is still better, of course, but you will not be missing much if you haven’t tried the PC version and have gone straight to the console one.

Not the best game in thr world but good for passing the time.