Sim Theme Park - PC

Release Date:

October 31, 1999


Sim Theme Park will see players build their dream park and keep it running, dealing with the day-to-day trials and tribulations of keeping the rides working and the punters happy. Strategy is all important here, place your burger stand too close to a rollercoaster entrance and the riders will stagger off the attraction and become "unwell" all over the floor. Too much salt on your chips and not enough fizzy pop results in parched visitors who vote with their feet and don't come back--this is not a game for those who like action fast and furious and pick up a game for a quick five minutes now and again. Lay out the track for your ride in full 3-D, then alter it in differing ways to produce a killer ride: corners can be banked, straights raised and lowered and sections can be added and removed to create the kind of white-knuckle ride Walt and Mickey would be proud of.

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Release Date:

October 31, 1999

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