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October 09, 2007

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Thrillville: Off the Rails is part park management sim and part adventure game. Build an assortment of themed roller coasters, racetracks, and offbeat rides while attempting to impress the crowds and turn a profit along the way. Unlike similar business-oriented titles, however, Thrillville's focus isn't on micromanaging a multitude of resources. You instead explore the 3D animated park from a third-person perspective set behind a male or female character. Characters are encouraged to converse with visitors, participate in mini-games, and even ride the coasters for a first hand account of each twist, tumble, and turn.

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While Thrillville isn't exactly a game made for adults, it's also not exactly a game made for kids. There are portions of it that are very easily accessible to children, and the game itself is full of enough fun and design options for adults to enjoy it too. Just like in everything it does, this game provides a balance that makes it an enjoyable experience for nearly anyone to play.

The single-player campaign game here has you playing the role of manager for a theme park. You start off with a single park with three different themed areas that you can fill with rides and games. As you build games and rides and complete tasks throughout your park, you unlock thrill points, which allows you to unlock new parks to build in.

There's no doubt that one of the best parts about this game is the capability to design your own roller-coaster, build it in your park, and then watch as people ride it and enjoy it. The process to do so is simple and intuitive, and there are even special pieces that can be added into your coaster, like loops, teardrops, and corkscrews. While adding these to your roller-coaster can be fun, you don't want to have too many of them, or else you'll raise the coaster's nausea rating too high and no one will want to ride it.

If building your own roller-coaster isn't your thing, then perhaps one of the fifty different mini-games that is a part of Thrillville will do it for you. These mini-games are a crucial part of the game itself, providing you with the means to be able to accomplish all the goals that you will have to do to properly take care of your park. Mini-games about repairing broken rides, mini-games about shooting enemies away from your park, mini-games throughout tell the story of your park, and allow you to do what is necessary to keep it up and running.

Although the gameplay itself is definitely on point in this game, the graphics tend to leave a little bit to be desired. There are frame rate stutters occasionally, as well as difficulties with rendering. The game also looks a little cartoonish, as well.

All told, Thrillville: Off the Rails has a whole lot going for it. It provides a level of enjoyment in the gameplay that few games possess today. While it's not perfect, it is a very well balanced game that is a whole lot of fun for gamers of any age, and isn't that what video games are really all about?

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October 09, 2007

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