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June 08, 2010

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Represent the U.S. or European squad in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 as you compete in the prestigious Ryder Cup tournament on The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales. Captain your team and adjust matchups on the fly as you fight for glory. Challenge up to 23 friends in Online Team Play as you compete in two 12-person teams to see who can rise to the top of the leaderboards. See if you can make par on some of the PGA Tour's most celebrated courses. Can you lead your team to Ryder Cup glory?

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by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 03/29/2011

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Tiger Woods PGA tour 11 has several new additions in Xbox 360 platform that avid golf fanatics may find quite fascinating. The primary and the 'cream of the crop' addition to the game is the True-Aim. Every golf fanatic wants to have an almost real game experience without having to go through the complication of the Tour-Pro set up. It's a much more focused set up and helps you aim your shot as it zooms in an over-the shoulder camera. It has a more realistic feel of putting a ball with a golf club in your hands. No more of that confusing camera views where it tracks where the ball goes. You can gauge how well you did from the audience's reaction and the commentator's input. Now isn't that more realistic and interesting?

Another great add-on to this gameplay is the Focus. Just like True-Aim, Focus is also effective at leveling up the difficulty but not to the extent that it gets frustrating. You can see the Focus indicator at the bottom left of the screen. The more you use the Tiger Woods's classic arcade style powers the more your Focus level gets depleted. Without the Focus, you are left on your own to play the game the best you could. You Tiger Wood shots are gone and it's all up to you, you and you to win or lose the game.

This actually shows you the importance of the Focus feature; but also that you may be relying heavily on the attributes that Focus gives. Thus, sometimes it seems you just stay in the game as long as Focus is there. Be that as the case may be, you should therefore utilize this feature wisely; or you get kicked from the game.

The famous Ryder Cup is another big addition to the game, or it could have been a good addition. The idea of having a USA team against the Euro team should have been great and more exciting. Unfortunately it fails to meet expectations. Still, Ryder Cup is a bit fun. But it's kind of annoying when you have to wait for those other teammates including the opposite team to have their shots. Though that part is time-wasting, it also creates some pressure on how you can deliver your next shot. The great thing is you can make it more interesting by creating your own customized golfer. In customizing a golfer, there's a bunch of exciting things off for grabs. But you need to get familiar with the deep creation mechanic or photo GameFace.

There are still plenty of skill challenges to compete against some of the world's best golfers, and the PGA Tour Season is still firmly intact. The only real change has to do with experience points. Instead of earning cash, you now get experience for your actions on the course. That experience can be added up to attributes just like before, but this time you can reallocate points if needed. If you find your player to be totally incapacitated by lack of power a few months into his career, you have the chance to redirect all your stats and make him a better golfer.

If you think it's more interesting to play the game with your friends, you may enjoy playing Tiger Woods 11 online. There are online team plays which comprise of up to 23 players. Same application is used as in the previous game. GamerNet challenges round out the game's online abilities so nicely, but my take is it would be better to add something that could make the games tougher and more thrilling.

Though Tiger Woods 11 is way better than what the previous installments have to offer, there are still flaws in the game, such as insignificant bugs and oddities that keep popping up. Among these are the hitches you encounter during a shift from your longest to shortest club for about a second and a half and some camera failures during the game that interrupts the flow of your game. Still, the game is something to dwell on.

With the cool add-ons of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, you are assured of a better gameplay and a more enjoyable putting of gold balls online. Golf fanatics will absolutely find this game worth playing.

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June 08, 2010

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