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November 04, 2008

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Tom Clancy’s EndWar on the Xbox 360 is an all-new breed of strategy game. Designed from the ground up for consoles, it is a fusion of next-gen. technology, superior design and first-class production values. In 2020, with resources growing scarce every nation must look after themselves. Tensions between the US, Europe and Russia are near a breaking point. One spark will ignite the war to end all wars. A chillingly realistic vision of World War 3, in the fashion of the best techno-thrillers, Tom Clancy’s End War explores a full-scale land war between superpowers. While the narrative engrosses the player in a massive global conflict.

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Ever played a game where you can relay your commands by simply using your voice? Well, Tom Clancy’s EndWar is a game which can make you feel the power of control. It comes with a voice command program that can ante up the level of intimacy in playing the game.

What you need is a good headset, earphones with a microphone with it. Not only does this give you the intimate experience of hearing and seeing all that is going around you, but you can issue your commands on the mic directly to your squad and units. This is not a put on, but this sure beats the 3D experience.

Without the voice command it is a really simple game. Graphically, it is astounding, but what Tom Clancy game is not astounding. Simply the name attached to a game already gives the consumer a feel of quality and anticipation for the expected and the unexpected. Being able to play with several friends at the same time also makes it extra special.

Now, for those who are expecting too much of the voice commands, this will not take orders that can take a mile long to finish. It will respond to simple commands only. But other than that one limitation, imagine feeling the game within. The surround experience takes the player to a new level of playing experience that could not be beat even by the most graphically violent games available.

The setting: World War III, the war that would end all wars, hence EndWar. You are set to go off on a campaign to make sure the battles are won so your country wins the war. Now, Clancy fans may want more details to the plot expecting it to look and sound like the books and movies that he authors. This does not happen here so that is a bit of a disappointment, however small it is.

The game can also be played by a single player but it is just like going through the motions of playing. It is really more gripping if played with multiple players, makes it more interesting, more compelling, more challenging, and there is a plot. So if you like plots don’t play alone.

What makes the simple game really stand out is the design and presentation of the sound. It can really overwhelm a player at times. It should be mentioned that sometimes the sound can get so loud in times of explosions and gun battle so it is best to take care of the ears at this point, make sure to tone down the volume. Other than that, the sound experience cannot be found in any other games so this is a loner, an incomparable.

The uniqueness of the voice command also sets it apart. Never has there been a game such as this where the player can issue voice commands and make the game play react and do exactly as they are told. The mechanics are a little limited, but it is already obvious that this game will serve as the platform for others to come. I would rate it highly for novelty value alone.

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November 04, 2008

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