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September 03, 2013

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Total War: Rome II takes place over 300 years ago, the main single-player campaign finds gamers attempting to conquer 173 regions in 57 provinces, spanning from Portugal to Afghanistan. Players can zoom in to watch individual units on battlefields that contain thousands of separate combatants, and armies and navies can be ordered into aggressive or defensive stances at any time. The decisions gamers make have consequences later in the campaign, and players are free to pursue any type of rule they please, from peaceful democracy to autocratic dictatorship. Total War: Rome II has added a variety of new battle types, including siege battles, river battles, ambushes, and port sieges.

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With the long-awaited release of Creative Assembly's flagship title, gamers once again sit at the head of an ancient government with the goal of imposing imperium over the ancient world with a map stretching from Britain to Egypt and from Spain to Persia.

The user interface has been streamlined, so managing settlement construction is more intuitive than ever. The map is now split into provinces of two to four settlements, and you can manage the entirety of the province through any single settlement. Unit recruitment has similarly been revamped so that the player can raise any troop type from the field in the province instead of at settlements. Managing taxes and public order are similarly reorganized on the provincial level. It's much easier to see when and where a revolt will break out. It demands a much more balanced building policy, as upgrading farms and commercial buildings too quickly may result in perennial revolt.

Troop management has also been changed so that an army can only be raised by a general. In Rome II leaving a settlement undefended results in garrison armies and navies being summoned in the event of attack. Armies and navies now have different stances, such as double time, which doubles the campaign movement points at the cost of initiating attacks, and fortify, which gives defensive bonuses and increases reinforcement range at the cost of half of the campaign movement points. In addition, armies and navies themselves gain different abilities with experience along with the generals and agents. Now armies can travel by sea without transports, but are less effective in battle than a proper navy.

The glory of the Total War series is the real time battles. The system is much the same as it was in Shogun 2. In this installment navies near coastal settlements can take part in land battles, either fighting at sea or disembarking to join battle on land. While the mechanics of the battle may be similar, the player's tactical options have expanded drastically.

The presentation of the game is doesn't disappoint. It's recommended that you have a beast of a box for the higher settings and plenty of video memory. You'll still have the occasional crash, and if your settings are too high for your machine you'll likely wait an eternity between turns. But even on the lower end, if graphics aren't that important it still looks great enough to preserve the game's atmosphere.

The biggest problem however is the AI. Even on the harder difficulties keeping my populace happy was more difficult than facing any foreign foe. The game is still fresh and CA has committed to patching the game on a weekly basis, so once the game gets worked and polished I expect it to live up to the standard of Shogun 2. In the meantime players can hop online and vie for dominance in campaigns or single battles for a real challenge.

In short, Rome 2 is impressive, but for now Shogun 2 is the better choice.

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September 03, 2013

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