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June 15, 2010

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Toy Story 3 is more than just a film tie-in, explore the entire universe of Toy Story with all the familiar characters, locations and freeform sandbox style exploration. Recreate the events of Toy Story 3 in story mode, complete with all the new characters and adventures. Jump into the exclusive Toy Box mode and explore a giant virtual toy world filled with interactive environments and fully customisable buildings. Take part in exciting mini-games like car racing and unlock a range of special items, from a ghost-catching lightning rod to Buzz's ray gun. Two-player split screen mode lets you play with friends and family in the same game, either co-operating or just doing your own thing.

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Release Date: 09/29/2009

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Lowly Worm

Xbox 360


I love Toy Story 3 the Movie and I am happy because I can join them now. I love Woody and Buzz Lightyear a lot. With this game, I am involved as if IÂ’m the real Woody. The excitement and the joy you will feel as you jump through each asteroids in outer space and chase down a train with your steed and many other exhilarating yet enjoying adventures. This game does really pack a pretty big punch too.

Choosing one of the characters makes you portray their roles in the story. Be it Woody or Buzz, the journey will still be worthy of the money. Eight levels of the story will only take you few hours to survive but the Toy Box Mode gives you another excitement. Good side missions and open world adventures are there. You can play with a split screen action where you will be playing with your mate on the side. Seriously there are tons to do in the Toy Box Mode.

This game is very easy that kids will truly enjoy and adults who love Toy Story. Even if there are disappointments and frustrations, the game still is an enjoying and fun drive. We donÂ’t expect Buzz to travel in space or Woody running down the train with his steeds. It is still really fun though!

It has been said that “nothing is perfect” and this game is not an exception. Actually there are many flaws in this game. The camera movement is disappointing. There are controls that are very hard to maneuver. It’s frustrating that you will fall off a platform and start all over again when your try to jump yet you can’t jump because the control will not allow you to move. Vehicles also lose its way from the track and lands on roofs.

It does have a couple drawbacks, but is an great game! Whatever other reviews tell about the game, I would say that this game would be a thumbÂ’s up and I will definitely let my kids play this game, too.

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June 15, 2010

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