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June 29, 2010

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Trinity Universe is a Japanese-style console role-playing game with a heavy anime influence, featuring a cast of supporting characters from two separate game series of cult-classic status in the U.S. Representing the game's "Goddess" campaign are heroes from Gust's Atelier series, including the ghostly innkeeper, Pamela Ibis, and Alchemist Violet Platane. The game's "Demon Lord" campaign includes appearances by "Witch Girl" Flonne and Pirate Captain Etna, rivals from Nippon Ichi games in the Disgaea series. Trinity Universe also introduces several original main characters, which frame a deep and ambitious storyline.

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Floating sushi as the antagonists? This is the world of Trinity Universe, a role playing game with characters drawn just like those anime characters on TV that so many young kids and young adults are now going nuts about. And just like any great Japanese flicks, there are fantastic scenes of violence, great battles to be one which needs to be mastered and getting the protagonists upgraded in skills. Now this is a fun game to play and watch.

There is fun and laughter in this game with the cast of characters and their individual quirks. Magic and energy abound coming true to form, combined with the combustible personalities just makes this one of the more enjoyable games ever created.

The characters are mash-ups of characters from the Atelier and the Disgaea worlds. They come together to fight the evil Alchemist Violet, while there is the impatient fallen angel Flonne who loves the universe too much at times. Then there is Etna who is always on the lookout for that perfect piece of dessert. These quirky women somehow get entangled with the main heroes who are, obviously, there to save the world from the masses of whatchamacallems falling down from the sky. Other characters like the demon dog Kanata and a Valkerie (?) Rizelia complete the ensemble.

Weird things like the sushi previously mentioned falling from the sky need to be placed in dungeons so the player can put them out to orbit once again. Soon, all dungeons would be in danger of destruction and have to throw out the objects back to space away from Empyria. There is an almost insane variety of hidden and incoming danger that is met by the player. Soon, there is a need to make sure that there is more room in the dungeons to make sure that the objects can fit in them.

The main objective is to find as many hidden treasures as possible, the gravity core and of course, fight off all the enemies that come your way. Otherwise, there is not much story to tell, which is basically true for all games such as these.

Now, the time it takes to complete the whole game may take up to 25 hours so if you are a game nut, then sitting in front of the game console for a good 40 hours would be easy. At the end of the game there is one character that will lead the player to the end of the game, however, there is not much explanation to who and why the character is there.

For those who want to find out the real reason behind the floating objects in the game, the player has to go around so many tasks just to find out what it is all about. Otherwise, just skip right through the discovery and try to end the game as best as can be done. This is one game where mastery of the levels is very important, so get prepared to keep playing and playing until the mastery is achieved. Otherwise, the player can get stuck.

The great thing about the game is that the player can choose whether their characters get upgraded or not. So if the player is lazy and just wants to beat the game, they can go ahead without getting their character’s skills affected. However, those who are really seriously into it can go ahead and get upgraded in skills.

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Nov 29, 2014

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June 29, 2010

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