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February 05, 2008

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Turok is a re-imagining of the franchise, a first-person shooter infused with aspects of stealth and survival horror, as players explore a planet rife with prehistoric creatures. Unlike the Native American protagonists found in the comic books and Acclaim video games, main character Joseph Turok is a futuristic Special Forces soldier on a mission to capture a war criminal named Roland Kane. After his spacecraft is shot down during its final approach, Turok realizes he no longer has the element of surprise. He must now rely on his extensive military expertise to defeat Kane's soldiers.

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The action begins by identifying you as Joseph Turok, a Native American who is involved in a mission to hunt down a disappeared military company that he was once a part of. You're not the only one looking for this rogue company, as you have a bunch of squad mates that are working with you. Unfortunately, the ship you're all on crashes on a planet that happens to be inhabited with copious amounts of dinosaurs and other prehistoric baddies.

Among the standards you might expect, like T-rexes and raptors, there are plenty of herbivores around, as well as giant scorpions, lizards, flies, and other creatures. Fighting these numerous baddies could be tough, but fortunately Turok gets a bunch of different weapons, like a pulse rifle, a shotgun, and rocket launcher, and lots of others. He can, however, only carry two weapons at a time, although he can duel-wield most weapons. As great as those guns are though, they don't compare to the old standby; your knife.

There are tons of different cinematic sequences that have you pushing a certain button as fast as you can, or pulling the trigger quickly to get a kill. There are lots of ways to melee with these beasts, from picking up a smaller dinosaur and snapping it's spine over your knee, to jumping on top of a raptor and driving your knife into its brain. These little sequences make the entire game a whole lot more fun than just pointing and shooting, and shows just how much of a bad sucker Turok is.

Despite how much fun it is to play as Turok and annihilate dinosaurs, there are some issues. One of them is that the enemy characters' AI isn't very good, and distracts the player from hunting dinosaurs. Another is that the game takes some of the large, set-piece battles a little too far. Oftentimes, a single wave isn't enough, and wave after wave of baddies will rush at you to die. There also isn't an extremely deep story in this title, which is too bad with the good buildup at the beginning, but generally the game isn't about solving the problem of the dinosaur world, it's more about finding a way off the planet.

The single player portion is about eight to ten hours of solid gameplay. Where this game really shines, though, is the online play. There are a bunch of different modes available, most of which are slightly different than the standard multiplayer games. The great thing, though, is the addition of dinosaurs on players' teams that can be unleashed, but which don't always go after the enemy like they should.

By providing an exceptional first-player experience, as well as tons of unique online play, Turok makes a good showing. There are other FPSs out there, but few that let you drive a knife into a raptor skull, and it's worth playing just for that.

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Release Date:

February 05, 2008

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