Ultimate Duck Hunting - Wii

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August 03, 2009


Ultimate Duck Hunting puts a realistic twist on hunting games by inviting man's best friend along for the outdoor adventures. In addition to shooting ducks, players must train retrieving dogs in four essential commands: remote sit, left over, right over, and back. The Wii Remote provides more realism, with dog commands mimicking the hand signals sent by real-life hunters. The game is divided into five stages, set in six real North American waterfowl preserves. Scoring is determined not just by how many ducks are shot, but also by how many ducks are successfully retrieved by the dogs, and how quickly the dogs work. But man's best friend can get fatigued with too much running, and each dog has its own intelligence level based on the amount of training it has received, so strategy is important.

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Release Date:

August 03, 2009

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