Ultimate Spider-Man - DS

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September 08, 2006

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Nintendo DS PC


In Ultimate Spider-Man on the DS, just when life for the ol' webslinger seemed to be ticking along nicely, enter Eddie Brock. Better known as Venom, this guy is ruthless, psychopathic, and at least as powerful as Spider-Man - oh, and he hates the wallcrawler with a passion. And In Ultimate Spider-man, you don't just get to fight against him - you can choose to play as Venom too! If you've had enough of being the good guy, become Brock's murderous alter ego and wreak a trail of destruction through Manhattan - or play as Mrs Parker's favourite nephew to save the day as Spidey! Using the touch screen, you can put together a string of combo combat moves - and you'll need to as you tangle with some of Spidey's best known villains, including Electro, the Beetle and the Rhino.

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Release Date:

September 08, 2006

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