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Uncharted 2 Among Thieves PS3 Review 'A Pulse-Pounding Third Person Shooter Guaranteed to Give You Action and Adventure to the Max.'

If nothing can cure your addiction to RPG, then you might as well just get introduced to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. This is far better than its sequel, Uncharted Drake's Fortune. This is no ordinary RPG. It is a game exclusive only for PlayStation3 and created by award-winning game developer Naughty Dog, whose hero is fortune hunter, Nathan Drake.

When a mysterious artifact impelled Drake to find the legendary Himalayan valley of Shambhala, he had to go back into the deceitful world of thieves and mercenary treasure-seekers and found himself meshed in a place filled with conspiracies and treachery. Drake was then involved in a life threatening expedition game against a fugitive war criminal. Will Drake be able to survive and come back home alive in one piece?

Different plots and schemes were made for players to enjoy this game. You have to solve different puzzling tasks and proving to all that this game is challenging yet enjoyable. This does not only make you satiate your addiction with RPGs but also helps you develop some smart skills on strategic planning.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has been noted as one of the best games ever made in the year 2009. Different graphic designs were developed for players to provide the thrill and excitement you expect in this kind of game. The graphics are just superbly amazing. You can see a wide range of different scene displays from jungles to the snowy mountain places of Tibet.

The game sets you on adventure twists and turns you've never experienced before. Gun fights are also brilliantly marked. A tactical gun fight is needed and a new stealth scheme has been added, which is, in fact, the most awaited new part of the game,. The views and environment change accordingly with every new twist of the plot. This new feature allows you to prioritize your goals, attacks, and defense to achieve victorious battles.

Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest games ever made! Uncharted 2 looks every bit as impressive as anyone who is into this type of game would ever want it, from the get-go. Graphic designs were meticulously done down to the slightest details of character animation; and its environment was so professionally well-crafted you hardly have anything to complain about. Even if you are still playing the tutorials, the thrill isn't diminished one bit; it still provides the same heart-jumping, blood pumping excitement you come to expect of it!

Uncharted 2 is an action packed adventure filled with stirring and exciting plots. You control Nathan as he evades incoming tank attacks, falling debris, and when trying to escape and survive in a collapsing building flooded with enemy attacks. You actually get the realistic feel of being Nathan trying to survive from the depths of hell!
There's no time for hesitation here. Just go purchase and feel the glory of this game.

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The life of a treasure hunter has always been exciting, and our hero Nathan Drake is as it again; traveling around the world searching for a long lost treasure of a mogul, and trying not get killed in the process. With this sequel, every point has been made stronger than Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (the first release). The astounding colors bring every location to life – from tropical jungles to ice caves to broken cities, and they feel new too! The game isn’t perfect, but the minor quirks are forgivable enough to fully enjoy this awesome game.

The adventure begins as Nathan Drake sets off to find a mysterious relic, supposedly with magic powers. This said object is also being pursued by an evil warlord intending to use its powers and become omnipotent. The twists involved are predictable, but they manage to keep things interesting as the cast are all likeable. The dialogue incorporated into the game is great as well, making the whole adventure process very authentic.

Our hero may be good natured and humorous, but he does his business very seriously. Drake is well armed to take on any quest that can involve the following: armed mercenaries, lunges across bottomless pits, or putting together an ancient puzzle. The weapons and grenades are easy to aim and use and you can use one weapon after another for a sadistically thrilling slaughter of unknown enemies.

Drake’s actions are very fluid as he moves from one environment to another, and a chain of actions is not impossible! He can perform a long jump then instantly grab a weapon behind his back to defend himself in case of an ambush attack. The animators gave attention to details in the background to make the experience more authentic; after having a swim in the river, Drake emerges wet, or in jungle scenes you can see tiny animals running among the branches. Despite all of this, the game manages to be quick and smooth.

Known for its stunning graphics, Uncharted 2 is better visually and is more dynamic than Drake’s Fortune. Each level is fully destructible, perfect if you have a lot of extra weaponry at bay. Multiplayer options are rewarding as well, with two modes to choose from.