Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception PS3

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01 November 2011


Uncharted 3 is on levels most can never dream of reaching, and it a perfect showoff of the power of the PS3. I don't think it is possible to not be impressed and to say it is perfect would almost be an understatement.

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It is hard to believe that we are already at the third Uncharted game. The first one was a passable action game had its moments, but Uncharted 2 was an incredible game that had what still seems like an impossible combination of a beautiful game with great characters, well-written dialogue, and excellent gameplay. The only weak point of the game was its multiplayer, which seemed like an absolute afterthought. No game has managed to surpass Uncharted 2 since it came out, and now we finally get to find out if the game's own sequel can finally become Uncharted 2's superior.

For starters, Uncharted 3 still looks absolutely incredible. Every texture has been painstakingly built piece by tiny piece to look as realistic as possible, and the light shining on them makes them look even better, with some of the best shadows that exist in video games today. There is certainly a reason that Sony always uses Uncharted when they want to show off what the PS3 is capable of. All of that said though, the game doesn't really look all that much better than Uncharted 2, though that's not really a knock on the game.

Just like Uncharted 2, the story sort of boils down to a relatively simple Indiana Jones type story. You are hunting for a treasure that it just happens some bad guys are searching for, and the treasure is hardly ever what you were expecting it to be. Even though the story might be mediocre, the characters are as well written and well acted as they ever were. Every character you come across, from the primary protagonists to villains, to faceless thugs, all feel alive thanks to their acting and motion captured animations.

As long as we're talking about things that are just like Uncharted 2, lets talk about the gameplay. Here, absolutely nothing has changed. There are no new combat features, and you'll be doing just as much climbing, running towards the camera, and puzzle solving as you did in the last game. The multiplayer also hasn't really changed, and still contains a bunch of modes that are certainly fun, but the game's multiplayer doesn't come anywhere near other third-person shooters that are already on the market. That said, its a fun diversion, and since you already own the game you might as well try it out, at least for a little while or until you get tired of it, as its not bad by any means.

If you haven't picked up on the common thread that has run throughout this entire review, Uncharted 3 is extremely similar to Uncharted 2, almost to a fault. That's not to say that this game is bad in any way, but it certainly doesn't manage to do anything new or all that interesting compared to the last game. That said, since no other game has even come close to the level of quality that Uncharted 2 demonstrated, this game is still definitely worth both your time and money.

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