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August 25, 2015

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Until Dawn puts players in charge of eight friends trapped together at a mountain resort. Gamers control each member of the octet during the story, making quick decisions to help the friends overcome their fears and escape a deranged serial killer. Players are faced with dozens of decisions during their adventure, and every choice they make can have huge consequences later in the narrative. An auto-save system was included to discourage restarts, and multiple playthroughs are required to unravel the whole story. The atmosphere depicted in this game is just insane, and Until Dawn also has a great story and graphics attached to this beast of a title.

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Technical Information

  • Required Disc Space:
    • 35.2GB Minimum
  • DualShock Compatible:
    • DualShock 4
  • Supported Video Output:
    • 1080p
  • Engine:
    • Havok Physics
  • Game Format:
    • Blu-ray Disc
  • Average Playing Time:
    • 13 Hours
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Until Dawn on the PlayStation 4 was introduced as a survival horror video game which was developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was later released on August 25, 2015 on this next generation console.

On February 2, 2014, eight friends come together at a remote mountain getaway for a simple getaway break and end up embarking upon a night of unexpected terror and mayhem. As the night closes in, anyone can live, many may die, and things aren't always what they seem when you first stumble upon them. During the game you will see many twists and turns that will keep you guessing right to the end as you play each of the eight friends. The decisions you make or take on their behalf will determine who survives the twisted world known as Until Dawn.

Supermassive Games have managed to pull off what I consider to be marvel of a horror title by enabling the choices you make to really influence the entire story that follows, for example, a small choice you may have to make might shape the very foundations of how the game will play thereafter. So each decision you make may result in death for others, or shape how the game plays out. The game is designed to be played more than once, in effect you have an average time of around 9 hours with each character. The twist that follows is like before and each undertaking is also meet with potential consequences, so it is paramount that logic be used, it also adds to the replayability factor making it good value for money. You may for instance decide to play the game multiple times as select different options, in effect driving the story in a different direction, with 8 players to play you can clearly see the replay value. The developers decided to add literally thousands of choices along with moral dilemmas, how you decide these dilemmas you face, fairly, perhaps with malice intent will shape your journey that follows.

The developers decided to make good use of the power of the next generation console, and with this they decided to use the Killzone Shadowfall Engine along with major enhancements in both the lighting and sound department, in order to allow Until Dawn to thrive and compete with the top titles in this field. The other interesting thing about Until Dawn is there is no real official ending, I won’t elaborate any further as I don’t want to spoil this potential aspect of the game, but surfaced to say, it is quite an interesting quirk coupled with the decision making aspect of the game. Does a real ending exist, who knows? Perhaps if the decisions were made correctly then there might be, one can only guess or use speculation.


When playing any of the eight characters found in Until Dawn you will be able to get your hands on an array of weapons, some of these include, Flare Gun,, Scissors, Sawed Off Shotgun, Pistol, Hunting Rifle, Revolvers, to name a few. Some of these weapons can only be obtained when playing with certain characters in the game, so with certain characters certain weapons will not be available. These weapons also need to be located whilst playing with a particular characters, you are not just handed an arsenal of weaponry.

Gameplay and Graphics.

You can think of Until Dawn as a cross between Resident Evil, Outlast and Life is Strange, it has all the elements of these three games and really shines in the scare department, the overall graphics really adds to the overall appeal of this horror title, and the spooky feel to it, really sets the player on edge, which I like. Those people who like the gore aspect, the disturbing aspect of violence and mystery will have a field day with this game. Something I think should be pointed out here, the game runs more like a movie with many cuts scenes, so those expecting a massive open-play world to explore might be a bit disappointed by Until Dawn.

Until Dawn is probably one of the best horror games on the market which is heavily influence by general horror films, more so on the classics, the atmosphere depicted in this game is just insane. Until Dawn also has a great story attached with it, the graphics are really well presented, it also has a great soundtrack, what’s not to like? For some this will come in the form of the cut-scenes, perhaps to many for some, overall I found this to be the best part and best feature of this almost unique horror game.

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August 25, 2015

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