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May 26, 2009

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In Up the video game released on the Nintendo Wii, players can control Russell, Carl, Dug the talking dog and a female bird named Kevin, or you can play with a friend through the entire game. Aided by Russell’s wilderness knowledge, the four characters must work together to navigate treacherous jungle terrain, combat exotic animals and avoid being captured. Each character has special abilities that help in their journey. During the game, you will explore exciting environments, overcome obstacles and battle beasts in an effort to stop Muntz from capturing Kevin. Players will be able to explore jungles, caves, rock formations, Paradise Falls and Muntz's blimp while avoiding dangerous plants and animals along the trail. Up the Video Game features loads of game modes that ensure that players' Amazonian adventure keeps going and going. Just a few of these include: the Anaconda and Crocodile Boss fights, as well as the 2-4 player Dog Fight mode.

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The good thing about this game is that it possesses an all-encompassing appeal to its gamers. This can be played by children of all ages because not only does it offer a hilarious gameplay but also a mature them theme that parents or grown ups will like. This game is not as detailed as the movie but in terms to being accessible, this game proves to be successful.

Just like the movie, the game is starred with the same cast. You will be able to control the young scout- Russell, the old man Carl, and the funny dog Dug. Although you might have an idea of what happened for the ending at the movie, you will be surprised to know that there are certain twists that have been added to revert the ending. So, for you to discover what the ending is, you should go with the games flow.

During gameplay, both Russell and Carl will be wondering around the wilderness in order to collect badges. Also, they will be overcoming some obstacles and challenges in order to get a badge of great value. Two of them will have their own unique skills and abilities that will help you move through the environment. One of these skills is Carls ability to push large boulders with his cane or walker and Russell on the other hand extends ropes to help his old friend.

During the single player mode of the game, you will be able to switch places between the two characters any time that you like. You can swap for their specific skills in order to solve a puzzle. Also, there will be instances where you will need the power of teamwork to solve a mystery or a puzzle. Therefore, having an extra player at watch will come in handy if you want to move over to the next round.

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May 26, 2009

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