Virtua Tennis 2009 - PS3 Cheats


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Virtua Tennis 2009 PS3 unlockables.

Carry out the following tasks to unlock the corresponding characters:-

Boris Becker Beat arcade mode without losing any points. Defeat Becker in the secret tournament.
Duke Beat king of players and defeat duke.
King Beat king of players and defeat king.
Stefan Edberg Complete arcade mode in doubles.
Tim Henman Beat arcade mode without losing any points. Defeat Henman in the secret tournament.

Unlock the following costumes by beating the corresponding mini-games in World Tour mode.
The costumes must be worn in order to enter the Fancy Dress-only tournament:-

Action Hero Drum Topple (using a male player).
Bowling clothes Pin Crusher.
Karate clothes Avalanche.
Mariachi clothes Block Buster.
Mime Count Mania (using a male player).
Pajamas Court Curling.
Pirate costume Pirate Wars.
Sheriff Uniform Pot Shot.
Skeleton clothes Meat Defender.
Superhero costume Shopping Dash.
Zookeeper clothes Zoo Feeder.

Unlock the following Concept rackets by winning the FED and/or Davis Cups the
corresponding numbers of times on Professional difficulty:-

Emerald concept racket Four times.
Fire concept racket Two times.
Panther concept racket Six times.
Rainbow concept racket Three times.
Squished concept racket Five times.
SuperDrive concept racket One time.

Unlock the following World Tour training games by beating level 4
of the corresponding training games:-

Alien Attack Beat Meat Defender level 4.
Avalanche Beat Zoo Feeder level 4.
Count Mania Beat Avalanche level 4.
Court Curling Beat Pot Shot level 4.
Drum Topple Beat Alien Attack level 4.
Meat Defender Beat Pirate Wars level 4.
Pin Crusher Beat Court Curling level 4.
Pot Shot Beat Block Buster level 4.
Zoo Feeder Beat Shopping Dash level 4.