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March 20, 2007

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In Virtua Tennis 3, players are free to create a male or female athlete and build his or her attributes through an event-filled career. The goal is to gradually improve your character's ranking by competing in sanctioned tournaments held across the globe. In between tournaments, players can participate in skill-oriented mini-games or train at a tennis academy. The mini-games in particular are just as wacky as in earlier titles, with players attempting to outwit aliens, alligators, and more by hitting targets as quickly and as accurately as possible. Featured play modes include World Tour, Tournament, Exhibition, and Court Games, where up to four players can compete in doubles, mixed doubles, or singles play.

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I will spare you the story line, I would think that was kinda obvious, so we shall evaluate the game overall. The enhanced World Tour mode of the game is a remarkable distraction. This has also more depth compared to the mode in the previous game and further adds a stamina meter that is sim-like, with other mini-games, different practice challenges and the so-called formal tennis academy which will modify your skills and characteristics. To put all these together, it will result to a fine game of net play and numerous opportunities to shape the type of tennis player you desire in the game.

Generating your personal character for the game is considered the most amusing proposition the game offers. Even if the modifications in the facial aspect and the accessory alternatives are somewhat restricted, improving skills through the Tennis Academy and the mini-games is addictive. A smart and strange way to pass the time is to look for an excuse to steer clear of tennis balls which are similar to boulders in size at the same time capture fruit to enhance your footwork or perhaps to blow up robots that are orb-shooting to improve your tennis strokes.

In terms of the visual quality, the game is not bad at all. In contrast to the animations in the previous game, Virtual Tennis 3 has more fluidity. What is perplexing to note is the appearance of the game when the camera is directed top-down on the action. There was even a time when frequent animations will grow old even after a few matches and the wrinkled faces of the players will make them look like puppets rather than appearing as people. In addition, the substandard scenes in conversation are not that striking also.

Several presentations may not be that bad, but a couple of the presentation issues are very recognizable though. For example, if the player begins its tennis career at rank three hundred, however, he is only capable of playing against thirteen men and seven women. It is also frustrating to note that Virtual Tennis 3 is entirely an easy target until such time you will be in rank 100. The player cannot also participate in mini-games for single players until he is in the World Tour. Though the mini-games are located in the main menu, these are only for the multiplayer campaign which is quite peculiar.

Even if Virtual Tennis 3 has only few modifications and is deficient of network play, the user-friendly mechanics of the game as well as the swift arcade style is never to be neglected. This is a spontaneous for the newbies but for those who are already familiar with the previous game, then Virtual Tennis 3 is nothing but ordinary in comparison.

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March 20, 2007

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