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October 07, 2005

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Virtua Tennis: World Tour is the PSP (PlayStation Portable) incarnation of Sega's Virtua Tennis series. You can play as one of many professional tennis players, such as Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova, on courts around the world. In addition to Exhibition and Tournament modes, you can create a custom player and play through World Tour mode. Virtua Tennis: World Tour also lets you play stat-building minigames and challenge up to four other players in Versus mode.

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Tennis is another of those really popular games to play whatever type of platform it is developed for. Tennis game fans love the game that no matter the size and the version, they will play and continue to play. Which I have played a ton, lately! The Virtua Tennis: World Tour PSP version is just like any of the other tennis games out there but this does not diminish its quality and the experience in playing it. The graphics are fantastic, it offers several hours of single player excitement. And goodness, the players are handsome and beautiful, just like they are in reality. This is the unfortunate thing, why can’t they be real rather than virtual? But that is digressing; it just shows my satisfaction to the game. Not trying to sound weird or anything.

The PSP version of Virtual Tennis has the same goal – to have fun playing a virtual live game with all the favorite tennis champions. This version is upgraded as well, so that adds on to the fun of the game. Now, the game can be played using either the D pad or the analog stick to control movements of the players. The control buttons on the PSP will control the three kinds of swing types. For those who are new to playing tennis games, it is recommended to master one type of swing at a time so when all three are very familiar they can use them in combination or as a reaction.

The game is definitely not a shooting or killing one, it is not an arcade type either. Instead, just like in the real tennis game, the player has to use their head and instinct. The more the game is played the more the player can get familiar with the different moves. It will also give them the chance to react faster to the ball. This reaction time would be the frustration level that the new players would have to get over with.

There are different modes of playing – tournaments, exhibitions and world tour. These are where a player can spend a lot of time playing as a single player rather than multiple players. You can create your own avatar as well given several choices of skin color, race and gender. The nice thing is that these avatars start out from the lowest levels, scrubs, and you would have to make them reach world tour levels. This can take a lot of time for you to develop their strengths and weaknesses. This is the one I find really challenging for the tennis player I develop is all mine, not the pre-set one. To prepare for the more grueling games there are the mini-games which could be played. These are where you practice endless hours on before you can get to the ultimate level.

Multiple players are also possible. You can go online and play with other players as singles or doubles. There are also mixed doubles. I Hhven't really done this yet, so I don't have an opinion about it yet.

Now, as this is a small screen, hence the PSP category, there are the usual and expected lags or glitches to the loading or playing sequence. These are expected in any PSP games and they are really minor. Ultimately, this is still a great game to play and quite challenging. Well worth the money, definitely.

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October 07, 2005

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