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March 24, 2009

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate promises to deliver the same fantastic visual style, and edge-of-your-seat action as the blockbuster motion picture. Players continue the story of hero Wesley Gibson, picking up the action where the film left off to create an entirely new chapter exploring both Wesley's journey to becoming an unmatched über assassin and the epic fiction of The Fraternity. Featuring intense third-person action, Wanted takes combat to the next level with iconic moves such as Curving Bullets and Assassin Time drawn directly from the film, as well as an innovative, multilayered cover mechanic. Are you ready to prove yourself as a Weapon of Fate?

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Your role in this game is to become what could commonly be referred as the "ultimate weapon", a super assassin, as a result of your legacy you are wanted and ultimately become hunted by rivals from the Fraternity. The game moves swiftly with a cover system that highlights chaining from one cover piece to the next along with an interface which presents cover options that are available. The button for the cover is very responsive and this the one type of thing that the story does which is really excellent.

If you are playing as either Cross or Wesley, you will be experiencing the same moves in each linear level. The opponents transforms only in very shallow ways and the strategy used is the same from beginning to end.

Wanted Weapons of Fate is definitely very cool when you obtain an immediate kill using a curved bullet and the camera has selected to follow its direction into another person’s brain. The sound effect in the movie which is genuine audio from bullet into brain is an amazing touch. The coolness is similar to the boss battles. You will be required to curve a bullet to get out of cover prior to blasting them out in the open or make use of slow motion in between covers to contain them in the open.

In order to add excitement to the game, several on-rail moments are present. You will be unable to control the movement of characters in which direction he aims in the special sections of the on-rail moments but this will somehow permit some flair in cinema. Although, the game has a lot of ingenious ideas, there are no breakthroughs at some point. The real downfall of the game is its dimension considering that it will only take about 4 hours to defeat and play again for the incentives.

The player can also have the chance to try out different modes, yet, none of these modes will be good as they sound. Take for example the headshot mode. This may sound cool but when you try it, you will discover that it is just a standard game which will require the player to kill anybody with the use of headshots. You will also have the opportunity to uncover brand new characters to play, however, they share with the main character’s animations and since the game utilized cutscenes which are pre-rendered, character models that are new will not be present in the cinematic.

In terms of the presentation, the game is exactly a recollection of the film even if the cutscenes could have appeared better. The graphics on the other hand, show some nice textures and lighting, nonetheless, this is not precisely a powerhouse when it comes to the visual aspect. Wanted Weapons of Fate lasting appeal provides tiny amount of replay value given that Wanted is a short-lived game.

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March 24, 2009

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