Wheel of Fortune Wii User Review

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Super Gamer Dude

Nintendo Wii


Though you do not win any cash prize, the feel of the game is just exhilarating. Spin that wheel and hope to bag the cash prize. Do not forget to avoid getting bankrupt for all the money you saved will be taken away. Albeit a game of chance as we all know it, Wheel of Fortune needs a lot of your neurons working to solve that mystery phrase and move on to the next round.

Playing it on Wii is simple. Holding the B button down and flicking it to the left spins the wheel. By using the infamous Wii pointer, you can choose the letters you wanted. Guessing it correctly gives you a chance to spin again, otherwise, your opponent is up for his/her turn to spin. The game moves on only after you or the opponent solves the puzzle.

The huge number of the game’s puzzles is fairly well-placed; although there are some annoying instances when you get stuck in delivering your answers. The diversity of the puzzle subjects that obviously reaches to eight thousand or so is certainly a welcome feature. With the level of challenge involved, you’d soon realize that you need more than just luck to win the game – you have to somehow have the skill to get to the final placement.

Toss Up rounds are also pretty cool. Words appear randomly on the screen and buzz in right away if you are sure with your answer. Though not found in the real TV show, a number of mini games during “commercial break” are also available – basically the typical Wheel of Fortune related trivia, but is quite a welcome distraction.

Except for the exaggerated visuals of Pat Sajak and Vanna White who appear in the game, the Wheel of Fortune visual aspect is actually very well-presented, with as much personality as other Buzz games have, plus with a lot more cheerful colors in its palette. The fast nature of the game with its constant forward motion makes it as charming as this type of quaint game comes. The sound quality indicates a remarkably clear understanding of the game’s central demographic.

Playing it solo is okay but not recommended. It is not as enjoyable as playing it with family and friends. A reasonably priced yet entertaining game, Wheel of Fortune can truly make family reunions or even small gathering of friends much more exciting and fun, despite the absence of genuinely distinguishing features. In a manner of speaking, Wheel of Fortune on Wii is worth adding to the family treasure.