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March 20, 2009

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The gun-play set in slow motion and air-jacking will make the player feel that he is empowered with driving abilities that are superhuman.

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As the player, you are an American driver called Milo Burik who is in Barcelona for an undercover mission and penetrate in the three largest gangs the city has. The game works in such a way that you will feel that you are a remarkable driver, allowing you to have several special capabilities not only for survival alone but also for appearances sake as well. There is also the presence of shot and cyclone moves wherein you can hit your opponents in a slow motion. For the most part, these moves are the very enjoyable segment of the game since they captivate the very essence of the motion pictures that motivate Wheelman.

The game can be played as free-roaming in which you will look for missions on your own or play the game with the use of a map in order to go to significant destinations. Most often, the missions will revolve within escorting, confining and stealing cars, however, there are certain unforgettable tasks which include smashing through an office or advertising billboards of your opponent. Side missions which are optional will help in the longevity of the game and will give you the chance in increasing the focus meter, the health of the vehicle, your attack power and your performance.

A handful of missions are only involved in the on-foot gameplay. Cover system is absent, thus, you will have to shield yourself by hiding behind items. What is more unbelievable is the deficiency of jump button which will let you walk around the obstructions. The gameÂ’s storyline is styled in a cinematic way, yet, it is predictable and filled with conversations. The gangs consist of different kinds of thugs and they would often speak in different languages but they lack the motives or exciting relationships. Your character is quite arrogant even if that is only a description of his style.

While the game is set in the streets of Barcelona, there is lack of life. As an illustration when you look at La Rambla, there is a lively combination of market vendors and street performers in actual life, nonetheless, there is a collection of abandoned park benches, coffee tables and many more in the game. Fortunately, the music of Wheelman suits well along with a soundtrack for the gameÂ’s loading screen which has a Spanish influence. Once you are on a mission, the mission is locked; however, you can flip between the seven radio stations once you are navigating around.

The game establishes several good ideas to the driving genre that is globally open and once you are moving in a speed that is high; there will certainly be more fun. The gun-play set in slow motion and air-jacking will make the player feel that he is empowered with driving abilities that are superhuman. Despite the many issues present, you will still get enjoyment if you are an avid fan of car chases that are based on movies.

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March 20, 2009

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