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July 08, 2008

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All of the fun and thrills of your favorite amusement parks and carnivals are now available in your living room! In Wonder World Amusement Park, you can take your customized character through a fully 3D park with five themed zones and hop on five heart-pounding interactive rides. Play through a huge variety of mini-games as you win prizes for your unique character. With 35 thrilling rides & games, everyone's a potential winner!

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Release Date: 03/03/2009

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Unfortunately, the number of the most entertaining games is limited. There are also too many repetitive game moves and routine styles. Modified and changing visuals and painful sound effects are so evident. The good thing about this game is that you can unlock 30 minigames and 5 rides.

Spending quality time with friends and family is a great way to unwind but it's quite costly. Now, with Majesco's Wonder World Amusement Park for the Wii, you can have a hold on your trip without cutting your budget. This game has amazing 30 games and 5 amazing, mind-blowing, exciting rides.

This game is divided into 5 themed or categorized areas, each with 6 minigames in it. Earning tickets is the key to unlocking the other areas of the game. But the sad thing is that the tickets you’ve gained are only good for the specific areas you’ve played. In an area, buying tickets and unlocking its rides is essential because it automatically gets you to another minigame and gives you more tickets for each good performance.

So, here are some of the mundane games that may somehow become playable as you go through the routine of it. First off is the Whack-a-Mole which dominates the game and other point-and-shoot activities. Racing and pointing to fish, frogs, or piranhas out of water are also in this game that requires pumping the Wii Remote and Nunchuck in alteration to hasten you in winning a race. A version of Memory is also available and the plot is situated in a sandy-beach of a pirate-themed place. Bug-a-Bug is also a part of this game and is played using your Wii Remote imagining it is an all-honey-covered-stick that can draw in many insects. Another interesting game is the Heart Is where you throw a stake into a creepy vampire dolls heart in a gloomy, horrid place and you can only see it's glowing eyes to guide you. These games will bore you as it is routine and easy.

Wonder World Amusement Parks rides may first appear to be different but as you go along the entire game you will realize that it can be tiresome and dull. You’re still either pointing and/or shooting at things, using your arm pumping the Wii Remote alternately and it can be boring. Earning significant amounts of tickets to gain prizes but in the end all efforts go in vain for endings are predictable and you may not-deserving-for-your-hardships sighs.

The presentation of the game may not amuse most players, given you have all these repetitive procedures. There are untidy textures, concentrated in one area details, and the worst of it all is your ears may suffer from damage. You can hear the vilest, ear-aching screech sound with Whack-a-Moles Shut Your Trap. This game is played by zapping Venus flytraps.

You can also experience mental delay with the Story mode. As you step into a game, pointless instructions and greetings are made. As you choose your instructions, similar scenes plays and it is blunt. Scenes which shouldn’t have been included should have been deleted.

Playing with your friends may help save you from boredom with this game. Quickplay mode is also made to help you avoid the meaningless parts. But the whole point is that is majorly dull and uninspired.

Wonder World Amusement Park is a non-interesting, non-amusing, non-entertaining game to collect. There is sadly uneventful while playing this horrid game. You may try other games especially when you’ve already played Wario Ware, Rayman, Raving Rabbids, and Wii Sports.

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July 08, 2008

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