World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Collector's Edition - PC

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December 07, 2010


In World of Warcraft Cataclysm, an ancient evil lies dormant within Deepholm, the domain of earth in the Elemental Plane. Hidden away in a secluded sanctuary, the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing has waited, recovering from the wounds of his last battle against Azeroth and biding his time until he can reforge the world in molten fire. Soon, Deathwing the Destroyer will return to Azeroth, and his eruption from Deepholm will sunder the world, leaving a festering wound across the continents. As the Horde and Alliance race to the epicenter of the cataclysm, the kingdoms of Azeroth will witness seismic shifts in power, the kindling of a war of the elements, and the emergence of unlikely heroes who will rise up to protect their scarred and broken world from utter devastation.

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The package consists of the basic game plus all the usual extras such as a book of over 150 pages containing stills from the action and a look behind the scenes and much more. But unless you are a devotee, you can do without all this.

World of Warcraft builds on the success of similar themed games by cherry picking the best ideas from here, there, and everywhere, putting their own slant on them, and incorporating them into one package, more often than not improving upon them. So, World of Warcraft has everything you could want in a game. All the usual game components are present, you fight different creatures, go on various missions, get the thrill of gaining experience to learn more skills, not to mention getting to play on line with a large number of other players.

Although a complex game it is carefully thought out and very “user-friendly” allowing the players to get the feel of things relatively quickly. There aren’t any tutorials that show you how the game should be played, you have to figure this out for yourself and use whatever knowledge you get, from playing again and again, to your advantage. The 3D graphics allow you to play without too much interruption. Games are loaded really fast, taking away the whole attendant boring waits that can sometimes be present.

Apart from it being played in multiplayer, World of Warcraft makes a huge number of quests available and this is more than enough to keep a player busy. However, you can’t set out on just about any quest you want, this is a facility you have to earn. This does have an upside though; it prepares you for what is to come in later quests rather than just throwing you into them unequipped with some of the essential know-how required to achieve a winning result.

It is an enjoyable, absorbing game, solid in every department. But beware, before deciding to play this game, allow yourself plenty of free time, or take a day off, its hard to stop once you get into it.

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Blizzard Entertainment

Release Date:

December 07, 2010

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