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November 23, 2004

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A RPG that really needs no introduction. There are thousands and thousands of quest to complete in this game. Choose from a wide assortment of new classes. Explore 100's of caves and different cities around the virtual world.

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8.2 / 10
The Battlechest package also contains two of the four expansion packs available. The two contained are World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and World of Warcraft: The Lich King.
by Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date: 09/19/2003

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One game comes along and leaves a mark in the gaming world. The game that has so far achieved that kind impact is the World of Warcraft. It has changed the way multiplayer should be played. Every person from every walk of life can relate to this game and enjoy it in the process. The developers have made this game so entertaining that to date; it still remains to be at the top of its game.

With the rise of numerous multiplayer online games, World of Warcraft doesn’t look like it’s ready to give up its spot; and instead, continues to challenge these other games to a point where sometimes it just makes even more obvious the inferiority of other games.

World of Warcraft is one game that thrives on the success of similar themed games. They put their own spin on it eventually making it their own and most often than not, make it even better than the ones they based it from. WoW has everything you look for in a game. You get to fight different creatures, go on various missions, get the thrill of gaining experience to learn more skills, not to mention get to play with a huge number of other players. You are likely to try and expand your experience to have power over the rest of the pack leaving you playing for hours and hours. The more you play this game, the more you definitely get addicted to it.

The game is easily thought of “user-friendly” despite its being a complex game. Ironic isn’t it? But the game was drafted really well, making the players get the hang of things relatively fast. There aren’t any tutorials that show you how the game should be played. Rather, you have to figure this out for yourself and use whatever knowledge you get from playing again and again to your advantage. You also get good 3D graphics that allows you to play without too much interruption. Games are loaded really fast, taking away the whole boring waits that are present in other games. With all of these, you get a game that makes you just sit, play and care about nothing else but the game.

Aside from it being played in multiplayer, WoW also has a lot of quests that allow you a whole new different way of playing the game. The huge number of quests available is more than enough to keep a player busy. However, you can’t set out on just about any quest you want. You have to earn your way into being able to play it. This isn’t half as bad, though; at least it prepares you for the different types of quests rather than just unleash you on a mission you have no inkling how to finish.

The whole experience of playing this game is just so amazingly fantastic in almost every aspect. So before deciding to play this game, be sure that you have a lot of spare time since it will undoubtedly take a long period of time before you would want to stop playing.

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Blizzard Entertainment

Release Date:

November 23, 2004

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