Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3 User Review

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The newly launched Ni No Kuni is a great example of what the Playstation 3 can achieve when game designers put their heart and soul into it. Ni No Kuni is unquestionably one of the better games, with its jaw-dropping graphics, amazing soundtrack with great orchestral sounds, clever game levels and funny dialogue, so it no wonder the game is rated amongst the best.

Created by the much-loved animators Studio Ghibli, this new game features beautiful Japanese animated characters. Some of the main characters seem to have been inspired from popular Japanese animation movies like Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Dragon Quest. To offer you the best Ghibli experience, this new PS3 game features the Tokyo Philharmonic performing an orchestral score from GhibiÂ’s Joe Hisaishi. The game includes hand-drawn sketches adding another level of authenticity.

Ni No Kuni features as the main character a boy named Oliver, and that is the role you play in the story. Oliver lives with his mother in a quaint little township known as Motorville, until, following a tragic accident, OliverÂ’s mother passes away and it is here that the story properly begins. The poor grief-stricken Oliver becomes a recluse, locking himself away from the world. But a toy called Mr.Drippy comes to life and he and Oliver set out on a journey to find and bring Oliver's mother back to life. Oliver leaves his home town in order to venture to the magical kingdom and another charming little town by the name of Ding Dong Dell, and here he faces many new challenges.

The best part of the game is its graphics and the traditional Japanese role-playing themes that include the usual battles, fights, and enemies. The camera automatically zooms in when you enter a combat arena and Level-5 have made an excellent job of creating the story, graphics, and the battle dynamics.