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November 22, 2011

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WWE '12 for the Nintendo Wii includes a roster full of WWE superstars, including John Cena and Randy Orton. Predator Technology creates a dynamic gameplay system, while the dynamic presentation includes new animations that make the game even more fun and exciting. You can customize your superstar down to the entrance and finishing moves and then share your creation with others. These exciting features ensure that you will have a blast in the ring, without ever leaving the comfort and safety of your living room.

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WWE 12 is a professional wrestling video game that was developed by Yukes. WWE 12 shows some improvements in the genre, but is overall very much like its predecessors that came before it. With this release there is a new level of character detail and animation smoothness that has not been seen in its predecessors. However the core gameplay still remains very similar.

WWE 12 is a spectacle of cheesy fireworks and showoffs, much like the television show this video game is based on, and it does it with some swagger. There are loads of shouting fans, and even more grand entrances into the arena by the wrestlers themselves. The action is smooth and quick paced, and the game offers a variety of wrestling styles and ways to bludgeon your opponent silly. The new engine offers more fluidity when in combat, but it still remains rough around the edges in certain places, a bit clunky if it had to be described. Although sometimes the game may be a bit too fluid and quick paced, as one second you could be dominating the fight, and the next thing you know you are face first on the canvas from a pile driver that you did not see coming. There are not too many bugs, but there is one in which one of the wrestlers will glitch out and float away from the screen, needing a match reset to be able to continue.

Once you get into combat it is very easy to get used to the controls. Your strike and grapples can all be used with a single button. As you dwindle down your opponents stamina, your moves start to become more elaborate. Getting your opponents stamina down also gives you the ability to do finishing moves and pretty cool finishers. And a new addition to the game series is the limb targeting system. This allows you to deal very specific damage to different areas of your opponents body when grappling with him. In this game you get many more chances to counter your opponents attacks, but the window for this is incredibly small. Although this does not stop your opponents from being quite adapt at blocking and countering almost everything you throw at them.

Besides these things, WWE 12 for the Wii also offers many different options and unlockable wrestlers, such as Demolition, the Legion Of Doom, Kevin Nash, Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar. You can tweak a lot of options in this game to set the matches up to your whim and fancy.

WWE 12 for the Wii also offers you the ability to create your own wrestler and his storyline, his entrances, and even his arsenal of moves. This is one of the areas where the game shines greatly. However the Road to Wrestlemania is a bit of a let down.

WWE 12 is an updated addition to the wrestling genre. It does not stand out, but it should not be overlooked either.

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November 22, 2011

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