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October 28, 2014

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WWE 2K15 will deliver the most authentic recreation of WWE action to date, featuring your favorite WWE Superstars, Divas, and Legends as seen on WWE television each week. With new game modes such as Who Got NXT? and 2K Showcase, in addition to returning modes like WWE Universe, a comprehensive Creation Suite, and all your favorite match types, WWE 2K15 promises to put all of WWE in your hands.

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We may never invent a time machine in our life times but we sure as heck can pop in games like WWE 2K15 to revisit what made our childhood so much fun. For the younger gamers WWE 2K15 will be another entry into the current media mogul that is wrestling entertainment. For the older gamers, the ones that grew up with the WWF N64 entries, 2K15 will show us exactly what we've been missing. This latest entry into the pantheon of wrestling video games was released this past October for all of the current gen and last gen consoles: the PS4, XB1, Xbox 360, and PS3. We'll take a look at the general gameplay of the game before diving into the nitty gritty of what makes it better, or worse, than the prior entries in the series.

The WWE gaming world had quite the challenge on its hands when it was asked to come up with an entry that surpassed the WWE 2K14 smash hit of last year. 2K14 showcased an incredible deep roster, an interesting campaign mode, and one of the most interactive customizable suites in the history of wrestling games. So did they live up to the challenge or just get bounced like so many jabronies before them?

WWE 2K15 Has A DEEP Roster

The most important aspect of any yearly sports game is the updated roster. What good is it to have a game full of out of date wrestlers? Nobody wants to be busting heads with the 1996 version of Goldust in 2014...well, maybe they do but that's not the point. For 2K15 we get to play with 63 of the hottest names in sports entertainment along with eight special divas and three managers. Sounds like quite a few people, right? While the actual number is DOWN since last years entry we can still say that the roster here has enough oomph to make up for any perceived lack. You have all of the new wrestlers like Bray Wyatt and the NXT crew and the classic dudes that are still active today like HHH and Shawn Michaels. Considering the path that we've taken from the days of Atari gaming, it's hard to complain about a 70+ person total roster.

The Gameplay Has Been Elevated

The second most important aspect of a wrestling game is the way that the controls respond in your hands. Much like any other twitch based fighter, like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, you need to know that your avatar will strike and combo when you ask them to. Fans have been promised by the 2K crew that there would be a major overhaul in gameplay mechanics. While this is not the case for the old gen versions of the game, the next gen systems play very smoothly. There are occasional mix ups when you try to do work on the mat and sometimes you can lose yourself in space as you try to line up your special moves, but those are indicative of the type of game--not the game itself.

Relive Your History

One of the greatest things about professional wrestling is the fact that it is a long running narrative that incorporates thousands of people across decades of television airings. In 2K15 you can step into the shoes of some of the most legendary fighters in that span and relive their greatest moment. Want to experience the rivalry between HHH and HBK first hand? How about stepping into the shoes of some of the greatest legends in the history of the sport? You can do that too. There is literally infinite re-playability in this game thanks to the great roster and open gameplay modes.

In Closing: To Next-Gen or Not to Next-Gen

Fans of the WWE 2K series will have a decision on their hands this holiday season. With the game being released across old platforms and new it stands to reason that there will be some major differences in gameplay experience. The 360 and PS3 versions of 2K15 are noticeably worse than the XB1 and PS4 versions. The graphics are dulled down, some gameplay elements have been pulled, and the mechanics of the fighting are a little loose. If this sounds like something you don't want to deal with then stick to WWE 2K14 or move on to the next gen consoles.

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