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October 20, 2009

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WWE Smack down vs. Raw 2010 is a wrestling tournament game. There are two main types of single player mode: career mode and Road to wrestle mania. It is a fight of wrestler superstars for the world title belt.

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6.6 / 10
A number of improvements could have been done in SVR 2011 but the developers chose to only touch on some aspects. The repetitious environment can become a weakness, that may hurt the game…some.
by THQ
Release Date: 10/26/2010

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WWE Smack down vs. Raw 2010 has two single player categories, in career mode you choose superstar and fight with the other wrestlers to win the belt of your choice. There is no story telling and real motivation, its purpose is leveling up you wrestler star. In Road to Wrestle mania, it is like the real happening in a wrestler show. There is the introduction story of the wrestlers as they go across with their wrestler journey. The story line includes the featuring of our all time favorite Triple H, John Cena and Mickie James. The story is funny and cool but the most interesting with it, you can make your own superstar story.

Almost all men and even women love wrestling. In SvR 2010, four players can smack down and ramble in an offline type of wrestling from different fighting teams as they go through the championship. But then the problem in offline games, there is hangs and shut downs during the match. In fights with three or more wrestlers, they can be changing but it seems frustrating because it’s hard to corner the antagonist. But then unlike last year series you can defeat the opponent only using rope but in this year there are lots of strategies to knock down the attacker. You can put the foe outside the ring using turnbuckle technique and kicking them out on the stage rope. The great thing in SvR 2010, you can see the opponent suffering as you defeated him. He is crawling or walking up the ramp that shows realism like what usually happened in a wrestler show.

As you make the story line of a wrestler, you can create different scenarios at backstage and battle ring. You can manipulate the game; you can injure the opponent before the fight. Example is, if you wish the foe’s legs to be injured by a car to affect its performance in the wrestling fight then it could be done.

SvR 2010 is supported with USB keyboards so it is time consuming to complete the story of wrestler journey to Road of Wrestler mania. But then, you will surely enjoy the 3D effects of wrestling superstars. You can customize the wrestlers with tattoos, logos and dressing them.

You will really get thrilled in SvR 2010. The animation and features of it is really awesome. The blood effect seems to be real. Even the audio effect is not live and recorded, you will amazed at the game setup. The improved tools in the game boost it out and pan the game out more. You will never regret playing WWE Smack down vs. RAW 2010 all over again with its fantastic wrestling features.

Overall one of the best Wrestler Games on the Xbox 360 to date.

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October 20, 2009

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