Yogi Bear Wii

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07 December 2010

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In Yogi Bear: The Video Game, help Yogi Bear (voiced by Dan Akroyd, who also stars as Yogi in the movie) save Jellystone Park from being shut down forever. Players will be able to explore, jump, crawl, belly slide, sneak, and zip-line through majestic Jellystone Park locales in search of wildlife, adventure, and sometimes the distraction of a pic-a-nic basket or two! However, be careful, Ranger Smith doesn't tolerate disturbance of his campers and keeps a watchful eye over the park. Luckily there is Yogi Bear's trusty sidekick Boo Boo, to help Yogi get through difficult challenges and antics.

  • Play as Yogi Bear - Put on the hat and tie of the lovable Yogi Bear (voiced by Dan Akroyd, who also stars as Yogi in the movie) in the pursuit to save Jellystone Park from shutting down forever!
  • A Quest Through Jellystone Park - Discover and interact with an assortment of wild animals in their natural habitat in multiple Jellystone Park locales including Lookout Mountain, Wilderness Trail, Jellystone Lake, and Eagle Mountain.
  • Partake in Yogi's Misguided Adventures - Yogi gets easily distracted in his adventures to save the park and players must avoid getting caught or they'll find themselves in a world of trouble with campers and Ranger Smith.
  • Sneak Your Way Toward Rewarding Treats - As Yogi, avoid detection by Ranger Smith and campers while collecting pick-ups or grabbing a couple of pic-a-nic baskets.
  • Unique 2 -D Graphics and Platform Action - Players will zip-line, belly slide, and sneak through majestic levels collecting a variety of fun and useful items as they explore Jellystone Park.
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